8 risk points where there are frequent road accidents you should know to drive safety in Bangkok

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Bangkok is the city which has one of the worst traffics in the world. It is a problem from economic, social and financial development while infrastructure of the city is not well enough developed for this. According to the research from Mahidol University, there were 52,582 accident cases in Bangkok in 2019 which caused 586 person deaths and 61,867 persons injured.

In this article, we will talk about 10 risk points in Bangkok where there are frequent road accidents to drive more safety in Bangkok according to a statistical report from National Traffic and Transport Office.

10 risk points in Bangkok where there are frequent road accidents

            1. Asoke – Phetchaburi Intersection

Asoke – Phetchaburi Intersection is always dense with cars as cars come out from Kamphaengphet Road 7 and turn left to Asokemontri road then also cars come from Asoke-Din Deang and turn right to Kamphaengphet Road 7 to go to Nikom Makasan road that like to drive backwards and cut in front of other cars.

2. Si Rat Expressway in 2nd Stage, Phaya Thai Intersection

Si Rat Expressway is a long expressway that connects to Motorway line 7 (Bangkok – Chonburi) so there are many cars and also drive fast. This causes accidents often as cars are squeezing each other and crash especially when turning left to  Yommarat and turning right to Mo Chit line because cars turned into the right lane too immediately.

            3. In front of Soi Sukhumvit 24

As you may know that roads in Sukhumvit area are always busy especially in front of soi sukhumvit 24 near to Emporium where motorcycles drive to cut off other cars while they are waiting for traffic lights.

            4. Soi Ladprao 101

Ladprao is a big urban area full of people and cars and accidents often happen from cars that drive from Phokaew road to Bueng Tong Lang temple and do not notice cars in soi Ladprao 101.

5. Praram 2

In front of Central praram 2, cars come out to Praram 2 road by turning all the time while other cars on the road drive fast and are not careful.

6. Onnut Road

Many cars that turn left to get out of Big C turn right to Sukhumvit road without using a warning light which can cause accidents easily.

7. Praram 9 road

Cars that turn left from Pradit Manutham Road are often immediately turning right and cut off cars that come in straight.

8. Nawamin Road

There are cars that come out from alleys and turn left to Nawamin road which are not careful enough with cars on the main road and cause accidents there often.

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